What Will I Learn?


Women’s Core Desires

“To know yourself is the beginning of all understanding” -Aristotle

Come learn what needs are unique to a woman’s heart and how to meet those needs through God.

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You are Irreplaceable

We long to feel needed, valuable, irreplaceable.  We long to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Learn how to turn to God to understand what role he has for you that only YOU can fulfill!

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heart in hand

You are Loved

A fundamental need of all humans is to feel loved. This yearning fuels just about everything we do as women.

Come learn how to have this fundamental need met through God, the source of love.

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You are Beautiful

There is no question that Satan is meddling with the definition of beauty.

Come learn how to identify Satan’s lies about beauty, replace them with God’s truths, and feel deeply, uniquely beautiful every day.

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Men’s Core Desires

Just as there are needs unique to women there are also needs unique to men.

Come learn about the needs unique to the males in your life and how to use your influence to best support them on their journey.

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Wounds and Healing

You were born into a world at war, a spiritual war. Your heart will get wounded.

Learn to identify your wounds, to see the beautiful purpose in them, and to accept the healing Christ offers.


The Enemy

“You cannot defeat your enemies until you know who they are.” Anthony Horowitz

Learn how to identify the enemy’s attacks and how to partner with Christ to vanquish the foe!

Working Together

Call to Action

During the weekend you will be given the tools to restore your heart, an opportunity to reconnect with God, and reminded of how loved you are.  What does God ask in return?  He asks for you to draw near to Him and to help others do so as well.