He’s Got Your Back (by Melanie)

Recently, I was in a discussion with a group of women about how life sometimes feels unpredictable, overwhelming, overloaded, uncontrollable. As women, we have so much on our plates. Our expectations of ourselves are high. Often, our need for control is our worst enemy. As organizers and planners, we want to have order in our lives.…

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Abandoned or Embraced (by Celeste)

did God abandon me

Did God abandon me? As a Christian woman, I almost feel ashamed that I have asked this question on more than one occasion.  Sometimes I think that my faith should be so solid and my relationship with God so intimate, that this question never crosses my mind.  However, that just isn’t the case. I’m Not…

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He woke me up (by attendee Lucinda)

God woke me up

  One night I had stayed up much later than I should have since I have to be up for work at 4:00 am. I had been putting the final touches on a big presentation that I needed to give at work the next day. After saying my prayers, I went to bed very, very…

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Share Saturday from Melanie

God helped me make dessert

God in the Small Things Baking is not one of my strong suits but I love to gather my family together and celebrate special occasions. A few weeks ago we were getting ready to celebrate our daughter Amanda’s birthday. I asked her what she would like for dinner. Her requests included brownies with ice cream,…

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Fastening Our Ties to God

Pray to God

  Welcome to February when we celebrate love!  We’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about the fact that we need to be in the presence of God’s love in order to love others, to turn our hearts, troubles, and questions over to God.  That we need to take these things to Him, because…

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Men Who Aren’t Our Husbands

Men who believe in God

Just while searching for images to head up this post, I had the hardest time finding images of men and women that didn’t have sexual or romantic overtones! I believe it’s a lie that men and women can’t work and grow together without developing romantic feelings.  I really do.  I have more faith in us…

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Understanding Men

Men are strong

I want to get an important idea out into this post right off the bat:  as spiritual beings, men and women are equal in value before God.  This truth doesn’t mean that they are interchangeable, or that their roles are or should be the same.  But respecting the other kind is a spiritual decision, and…

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God and Women

Last week we talked about looking for our life purpose, and how to find out what God’s plans for your life may be. But before God can move us into the purpose for which He created us, maybe we need to know for ourselves how God feels about women in general. It’s really simple.  He’s crazy…

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