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This Saturday’s message comes from our beautiful team member Breanne.  I’ve loved getting to know Breanne, and working with her in the months leading up to our retreats.  Today Breanne offers us some tips on how to keep our connection fully alive with God!  Take it away Breanne!

How can we keep connection with God in our daily life?

Sometimes I feel that I do really well with having a close connection with God.  I do well with reading the bible and daily prayers and journaling.

But sometimes I feel the connection with God is not as strong. Sometimes with the day to day mundane tasks of life the connection is less. The cause of the disconnection is because I get caught up with the worries, stress and distractions of the day or I am just too busy.

Sometimes I feel that I get a disconnection and I am stuck in a rut. Then the question is:  How can I get out? What can I do if I find myself in a rut? Here is a list of five suggestions that can help us get out. These things can help you pinpoint areas to work on or help you reconnect with God.

  • Disconnect to reconnect– Sometimes, what I really need to do is to disconnect form my phone, computer, and TV and make way for God to come in. So there is room for connection and love. One of the first tactics they use in war is to take down communication of the enemy lines, or jam the lines so                       little or none is getting through.  If we let this happen in our life then Satan starts to win. Turning off the       electronics and making room for the communication lines to be open will help you reconnect.
  • Read and Read-Sometimes God speaks to each of us in different ways.  We can read and ponder the Bible, Christian books, and Journal or notes form studying gospel truths. I have been on spiritual highs and had time to journal. Those Journal entries have been spiritual uplift day to day. And have also been have been a beacon in the darkest hours.
  • Take time to be still- Sometimes I feel that I am pulled in multiple directions at once. There are some days that can leave me running from place to place non-stop.  I find that running around or being too busy can lead to distraction and that leads to disconnect with God. Sometimes all I need is five minutes of utter silence so I can reconnect.  Most of the time I just need to be still whether it’s five minutes because that’s all I can get, or a few hours.  God will always be waiting and will be pleased with your time to reconnect.
  • Share- Share your feelings with a trusted friend, evangelical leader or counselor. I find that being able to express your feelings of disconnect with someone can help give you good ideas to connect with God again. I find I just need someone to listen and validate my feelings. I feel better after and also leave with good ideas about what I need to do better or improve on so I can feel more connected.
  • Pamper yourself– If we don’t look after ourselves it eventually affects every part of us, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If we take that much needed “me time” we are less likely to get burned out and feel that disconnection. Take time to paint your nails, relax, and take a bath or whatever you do to pamper yourself. We need the time to recharge so we can connect with God.

If we live in a place that we feel a distance from God, we can change that. Ask for help and pray to have him close. He will come, He will lift you up and help you grow.  God wants us to thrive and live to our fullest potential. Keep praying, keep reading, keep journaling and remember God wants us to thrive. You can do this one step at a time. Remember you are stronger than you think and smarter than you know!


Live Loved,





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