“I have grown, I have cried, I have been with my Lord this weekend. What a great experience to be in this safe place where we can be vulnerable as we learn about our Father. The prayers were felt and answered. I was loved by the women here and it felt wonderful. I felt spoiled, relaxed, special.”“I don’t know what to say: There’s so much! This was a beautiful, healing weekend of growth and of God’s love. I am filled. The presentations were perfect, the times of reflection a special gift. The environment was warm and welcoming – perfect for women. The presenters were each unique, and their uniqueness kept things interesting. The personal stories the presenters shared added and enriched their presentations. Thank you so much! My life will never-ever-be the same!”

“What is shared here is so different from what we often hear in church. For many years, I have lived under the feeling that I must be good enough for God, that I must constantly do more for him. . . his love always had string attached to it (i.e.—more ministry, more prayer, more service of others required.) Did He want me for ME (not all I could do for him)? Am I really worth it? Am I worth fighting for? YES!!! Finally I know the truth and through the truth his love is setting me free. Thank you for taking the time and considering our hearts are worthwhile. Thank you for loving us for us. This message is beautiful—that God really loves us.”“I have spent three days surrounded by peace, graced by the gift of a loving Father, surrounded by women who have taught me about beauty, chosen by the spirit to be a part of this, something that will never happen again – the very first “Heart of a Woman” retreat in Utah. I am beyond lucky. I am loved by a Father in Heaven who chose this experience for me because he knew now was the time that my heart would be open. Now would be the time in my life when I would be humble enough to feel, to hurt, to release, and to be restored.”

“I have experienced many months of inner struggle, depression, and sadness due to life’s challenges and a difficult journey of self-discovery. Recognizing that the time had come for me to re-emerge into life, to restore much of my old self and with my newly developed love, strength and passion—a new sense of who I am. I needed a jumpstart into my new life and new relationship and understanding of a God who loves and cares about me no matter what–a God who sees me as irreplaceable. I found this jumpstart here, where a small ember has burned within and I have felt a peace that I have been longing for.”