You are Irreplaceable

Know your Role sign with clouds and sky background“We want to feel irreplaceable not just merely useful.”-Stasi Eldredge, Captivating

You, as a woman, are a warrior—but in a uniquely feminine way. You fight for your family, friends, and beliefs. You also long to play an irreplaceable part in God’s plan. He made you this way.

You have a destiny, a mission that is unique to you. Your enemy has been trying to prevent you from playing your role. But there is good news—the Author of the story wants to help you uncover your purpose on this earth.

“It is a dangerous thing to underestimate your role in the Story.”-Jon Eldredge
This is the world’s most desperate hour. You are needed. You will need to be mighty. There are great things for you to do that no one can do as well as you.
To find your life, you must turn to Jesus. You must seek from him the answer to who you are and the mission he has for you. But first—you must learn to walk with comprare steroidi in italia him intimately, learn to hear his voice so that he might guide you to the destinies he has for you.
Enjoy the following clip that serves as a reminder of how irreplaceable you are.

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