Welcome to Heart of a Woman retreat! Please read this entirely and carefully.

We are looking forward to your arrival at Heart of a Woman retreat! Read below to learn how best to prepare.

Prior to retreat:

  1. Pray daily. Take time to get in touch with God and pray for yourself, your family, and for all the women who are coming as well as all those who are preparing for your arrival. Together our prayers are mighty.
  2. Prepare your mind and heart. Retreat is a wonderful experience that God has invited you into.  He has plans for you.  We invite you to open your mind and heart to His intentions for you.
  3. Retreat is an interfaith experience.  At a time when the world is in conflict over differences, we ask that everyone be gracious of our differences and celebrate our similarities.  No matter our faith tradition, we are each seeking a deeper relationship with our creator.  At retreat, you will encounter language, music, and people from a variety of christian backgrounds.
  4.  Assume good intent of the speakers, team, and your fellow attendees and offer grace as we do what our country is struggling to do. All believers need each other at this time.
  5. The content of retreat is based on the book Captivating  by John and Stasi Eldredge.  We encourage you to read the book before the event.  Don’t be worried if all the content of the book doesn’t “land” with you.  Take what enriches your life, leave what doesn’t.
  6. Phone Number. During retreat, we ask you to unplug from the outside world and turn off cell phones. However, there is an emergency phone number for you to give to those who might need it.  435-336-4096 

Day of Retreat:

  1. Registration is from 9:30 am-10:00 am.  Please check the weather forecast before you depart and allow plenty of time to arrive .Please do not be late. If you have to be late, please let us know as soon as possible by texting or calling  801-388-4287. Our first presentation starts immediately after registration. It is essential to be present for this presentation as it will orient you to retreat and will lay the foundation for ALL following presentations. 
  2. Parking: When you arrive, we will have you check in and the registration booth, unload your belongings into your room, then park in long-term parking.  There will be a team member to shuttle you from long-term parking up to the Event Barn.
  3. After Registration: Proceed to the Event Barn where a team member will great you with a smile, a gift, then guide let you pick a spot to sit.
  4. Sleeping Facilities. The lodge and yurts are great facilities with radiant floor heating and spacious bathrooms with private showers. Electrical outlets are available for anyone needing power for medical devices.  The facilities are non-smoking facilities, but smoking areas are available in the parking lot. No  alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted on the campgrounds. 
  5. Shoes. The paths are all gravel.  People are fine wearing their normal clothes to this event but prefer wearing footwear that makes it easy to walk on gravel paths.